The Last Crystal

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Download The Last Crystal for Minecraft 1.16.4

You blanked out into a coma 5 years ago. The village you lived in recognized you as extra weight to carry since they were moving to a different place. Therefore, they tossed you into a prison where they would hope you would die. 5 years later, you wake up and the prison hasn't been touched in years. You must escape. You suddenly run into someone you would never expect to be inside an abandoned prison. That's when you get lead down an unexpected path.


  • Will be separated into 5 different chapters to extend gameplay.
  • About an hour of gameplay for chapter 1
  • 3 optional bosses and 1 required boss
  • Waves of mobs
  • Puzzles
  • Other Info

    I am currently working on a resource pack that makes the items in the map fit more. For example, a rusted sword will look more like a rusted sword. I am also planning to add more required bosses and more waves of mobs in the other chapters.


    This map was entirely created by PrestonEpicNess. This map was tested by Swissu.


    Download map The Last Crystal (10 mb)

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    Published 17.11.2020 by PrestonEpicNess