The Saga of Donna and Elle

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Download The Saga of Donna and Elle for Minecraft 1.17.1

Hey! Stop there and read this description before you download this map!


Before you download this map, it's important to know what all you're getting into. There are content warnings in the map itself, these are just a forewarning of sorts: this map is not a happy map. This map is a dark map, telling a dark tale. This map has mention of trauma, depression, mental disorders, and suicide, as well as mention of inappropriate activities. If you are not comfortable with any of the above topics, it is important that you do not play this map. In addition, for photosensitive users, there is a mode that disables potentially epilepsy-inducing parts.

This is a completely true story I tell in this map. No parts have been embellished nor changed, though a few details have been removed for the sake of keeping this story from going too dark. If you'd like, you can message me over discord, ID being DeuxiemeCarlin#0016, to hear them. This is not immersive fiction; this is a map I began in order to gain courage to ask a question, and now that the saga has a conclusion, I felt as if I should publish it. The map is also split into two halves, one taking place in 2018, and the other over the past few months.

The map itself lasts shortly under 40 minutes, despite having been made over the course of nearly 100 days. You may or may not experience Emotions during the duration of this map, including but not limited to: joy, sadness, rage, anxiety, and relief. If you experience any of the above, note that I, too, experienced these during the creation of this map.

This map is not suitable for young children. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you've made it this far and still want to play, then I wish you all the best listening to the Saga of Donna and Elle.


Download map The Saga of Donna and Elle (2 mb)

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Published 13.10.2021 by DeuxiemeCarlin