The Treasure of Captain Redcurl

for Minecarft v1.16.5 231 views

Download The Treasure of Captain Redcurl for Minecraft 1.16.5

Made for Singleplayer, more than one player might be possible.

There can still be bugs and errors. If so, please write me and i do my best to fix it.

Thank you so much for all the people supporting me!

First my Patron cryptidcxlt, thank you so much. This means a lot to me.

There are also some artists, whose art i was allowed to use in this map.

Please check them out:

Wathquan for nice textures

mc-sprite-edits for more nice textures

Rousteinire for amazing artwork

winter-mornings for wonderful artwork
Sylvia Strijk for beautiful artwork

And also all the people whose names got into this map:

Firqueanis <- Ship Merchant)

Arnon Zaza <- Farmer
YTKA120 <- Farmer
HelloIAmBanana <- Fisherman
Kyle <- Lumberjack
Louie Jay <- Redstone Merchant
Jediuab <-Ship Merchant
CoolFast4 <- First Skeleton
OneFPS <- Second Skeleton
Jonathan Noël <- Death Merchant
Shama <- Clever Guy who likes to read
Captain Sparklez <- Upper Herb Merchant
Devon b <- Lower Herb Guard
Coffee <- Lower Herb Bookworm
gidodocus <- Guy who doesn't like your red hat
MaerVale <- Lower Herb Technician
comandor <- Exploding sheep
Eli <- Exploding Sheep
Spookz <- Bootlegger
FerretJAcK <- Makes you wings
BØF <- Mute
MilkB4Cheerios <- Hanging Skeleton
Trevor Griffiths <- Bootlegger
Thunderdragon0 <- Stands on doors
CloneXmmT <- Bootleggers
DerpyNewbBoy <- Exploding Sheep
Egg <- Makes BOOM
Darin Hassan <- Explains technology
ralphchica <- Slimy and hot
jeremy <- Villager in dungeon
Noah Tinio <- Angry Octopus
leos_picXarts. <- Hanging Skeleton
Ultrabot2007 <- Skeleton in Labyrinth
AdmiralAnderson <- Yellow Merchant
Optimistic Watermelon <- Purple Merchant
Blake Nelson <-  Science Guy
wazy <- Small rabbit
Bernardo Argemi <- Cucumber Merchant
BoneDaddy_Umar <- Another Cucumber Merchant
Cyril <- Deathpig
Novel <- Pink Moobloom
Sanek <- Burning and shooting
Yellow_bus <- Saves the starfish
Ilya <- Does like towers but not peole
Vanya <- Gives you a drink on Gahlisia
xwilliam6x <- Security
Takuro_TH <- Bootlegger Security
jack_010 <- A fellow pirate mate
TGTelescope <- Hot and slimy
Manhattan <- Teaches you to play guitar
Roy Mogilyv <- Don't kill this guy!
Sammi_42 <- Has a tissue
KinXandor <- Bootlegger
Guthixwolf <- Likes to bake
7mooodyXD <- Angry and full of fire
Kevin <- Needs a tissue

Follow me on twitter for new maps.

Please note that this map is really big and errors and bugs can still occur.

If so please contact me and i will try to fix it.

Have fun!


Download map The Treasure of Captain Redcurl (115 mb)

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Published 31.03.2021 by Gahlifrex