Upheaval & Tears 1.0

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Download Upheaval & Tears 1.0 for Minecraft 1.20.1

A world where the Pathetic Government and the Fear Militia have been overthrown. A world in which there is only a Commonwealth of free people, and their defenders are also the ones who rule, the Order of Latur. A world of polluted waters, corruption of human morality and freedom.

The new order and peace are defended by the Executors, the servants of the Order. You are Morach the Lesser, you are the best of Executors, although you are plagued by loneliness, addictions and slow routine, your only goal in life is to fight the Remnants of the Gone World.

5 years after the Coup in which the Gone World collapsed, you are sent into the field to find the Great Fallen, the most dangerous of the surviving politicians. You will break people's hearts. You will take away free people's freedom and give them will. You will find the Gone World, but it will also find you. It is known that this mission will change your life.

Map was inspired by numerous Polish masterpieces. The settings, as well as the plot, will be presented on the map itself. I encourage you to rate the map in the comment. Have a nice game!


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Upheaval_Tears.zip (5 mb)

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Published 9.07.2024 by Leto