First Steps - A Minecraft Album

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Hello everyone!

For the past several months I've been learning how to create my own music digitally, and I decided to share some of the songs I made with the rest of you! All of the songs are instrumental tracks, all inspired by video game music that I grew up listening to, so I decided what's better than showing off these songs in one of the biggest games from my childhood?!

While they're not the most impressive sounding songs in the world, I've made a map and a resource pack showcasing them off because I felt like sharing what I made is better than letting it just sit on my desktop without being heard!

There's 12 songs, all of which replace the default record songs in Minecraft, so if you prefer these over the originals, feel free to use the resource pack for your own personal use (it can be found in the saves folder)! And also feel free to use these songs for YouTube videos, podcasts, etc., as long as you give credit!

So I hope you enjoy what I've managed to put together, I'll take as much feedback as I can get :)


Download map First Steps - A Minecraft Album (35 mb)

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Published 27.10.2018 by Stockley_