Cruise Ship

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Map Info:

This cruise ship journey starts on an island inside the captains house. There are signs directing you to the cruise ship terminal and you will be in charge of taking a tender boat straight ahead to the cruise ship to dock at the ships gangway.

You can choose between going straight ahead with your boat to the smaller ship (built in 2011) or the newer larger ship built in 2014).

There are more than 500 guest rooms and more than 150 crew rooms, all varying in size from normal 1 person rooms to deluxe VIP rooms with LCD TVs as well as Captain/Staff Captain/Chief Security and other officers rooms.

You can also find features such as a theater with production shows to watch each night after dinner. You can also find restaurants, bars, a pool, a basketball court, a sun bathing deck, gift shops, a main foyer with reception desk, a large engine room (ewww) and other secrets as well.

Enjoy your stay on Poncharelli's Cruise Ship v2.0!

Also, please check my other map in the Creation area called Metropolis City v4.0 which was just released today!!

Designed by Jacob Sawyer aka Poncharelli

Download map Cruise Ship

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Published 22.10.2012 by Poncharelli