Modern Luxury Speed Yachts

for Minecarft v1.7.10

Download Modern Luxury Speed Yachts for Minecraft 1.7.10

Map Info:

This download contains two different maps. The first map is empty with only these 4 Yachts side by side, and the other is a waterworld with 1 Yacht at each Quarter, perhaps if you wanna do a video for it or something else?!

Not all of the Yachts are completed, because we had no time to complete them all. So you'll find 2 complete furnished Yachts and 2 which we only began to furnish but stopped. Perhaps you'll furnish them until the end?!


I made Cinematics of 2 Yachts... So take a look:

  • Cinematic #1
  • Cinematic #2
  • More Info:

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    • I'll upload a Map Trailer in following weeks and update this project. I think I'll complete the map at the end of this year, perhaps next year, I don't know because I have exams this September and November.

      This map was created by:

      • DaxMatic
      • DaxesMC
      • StarTrek74656
      • RealTecMC
      • marc3000is
      • Download map Modern Luxury Speed Yachts

        Speedyachts.rar (2 mb)

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        Published 29.08.2015 by DaxMatic