Rusty Metal

for Minecarft v1.14.2

Download Rusty Metal for Minecraft 1.14.2

''Rusty Metal'' is an incredible one-of-a-kind experience. Over 3 months of work and a lot of redstone-programming, Samueliscool223; the same creator of ''The Darkest Hour'' [a successful map with 3000+ downloads]; presents this masterpiece.

This map is packed with lore, engaging story, interesting gameplay, and a lot of spookiness to go along with it.


Set in the city of Memphis in the 2040's, you play as a man known as Ryan Barrington, a detective and law officer, working for a corporate entity.

You haven't witnessed anything too terrible- however this all changes when you are sent to investigate what turns out to be a cruel serial killer's bloodbath...

Genre & Suitability

This map is a futuristic ''Neo-Noir'' story and horror map. It is not suited for young audiences/anyone who is frightened easily. It contains:

  • Strong themes
  • Some psychological horror elements
  • Moderate course language
  • Implied violence
  • Additional Information

    • Estimated game length ~10 minutes [if fast] to ~40 minutes [if everything's explored].
    • You can only play the map once, if you want to play again you'll have to re-install [it's not designed to be played twice, because of redstone complications].
    • I'm more than happy if you want to record this map, just need to give me credit!
    • This is only my second map, believe it or not, and also I'm only 15 [I'm planning on being an architect].
    • I really appreciate all your support! Really motivates me to do great things.
    • I have a Geometry Dash account, which I made some really good levels, however I was unable to get a feature :V (my username is ''FutureFold'').
    • Any constructive criticism is welcome.
    • Ok that's all! Thanks for reading.



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      Published 8.06.2019 by Samueliscool223