The Darkest Hour

for Minecarft v1.13.2

Download The Darkest Hour for Minecraft 1.13.2

An escape map with a somewhat scary atmosphere.. 

The setting is at your desk job, in a huge office. You supposedly fell asleep. But something's not quite right. No one's there... and theres skulls everywhere... could they be your employees? What happened? Try find your way out, and make it back to your apartment so you can call the police and report the suspected homocides that took place at your office.

No resource pack required. Just good ol' default graphics.

Some creator side notes - This is my first map... so it's not amazing, and it's kinda short. But I like how it turned out. I really just built this map as a test to see how good my creating skills were. But then I turned it into a full blown narrative map with some lore. Feel free to leave some theories in the comments on what you think took place. Be sure to report any bugs, or leave any suggestions. Oh and by the way: I will update the leaderboards at spawn if enough people participate. Thought it would be a pretty cool idea and want to see if it works :D Thanks for playing and be sure to sare it with your friends! ~Samueliscool223

Warning - this map is not recommended for players under the age of 14. It contains:

  • Moderate impact horror
  • Moderate impact themes
  • Moderate to strong impact course language
  • This map is singleplayer; not sure about multiplayer, though.

    P.S. remember to stay on GAMEMODE 2. Enjoy!


    Download map The Darkest Hour (2 mb)

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    Published 2.04.2019 by Samueliscool223