Trip to Brennenburg

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Download Trip to Brennenburg for Minecraft 1.14.4

Trip to Brennenburg is a horror map, which takes place in "Amnesia" universe.


You have arrived near Brennenburg castle, at the coast, you were searching for magic "gem of life", you do believe that this artifact is located inside the castle, very deep inside... but what you will find is not exactly what you will expect...


  • Custom texture pack
  • 3D models
  • Over an hour of playtime
  • Hard puzzles
  • Hide from your enemies or run (can't fight)
  • multiplayer support
  • Map made by Leshagloom with help of Seriouscraft


    Happy Halloween!


    Download map Trip to Brennenburg (76 mb)

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    Published 10.10.2021 by LESHAGLOOM