Trip to Mamaru

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Download Trip to Mamaru for Minecraft 1.17.1

"Trip to Mamaru" - is a survival horror map by LeshaGloom, which takes place in 19 century.

In "Trip to Mamaru", you play a detective, who wakes up near to fortress Mamaru of the Algerian desert.

Many days have passed to travel there.

Where has expedition gone? What they were doing? Where is the orb of life?

Recreate the route of your path, collect scattered fragments of the past, and find orb of life - this is the only way to survive the merciless horror,that is about to consume you.

“Don't let yourself get angry. Don't let yourself be afraid."

This map is the sequel to "Trip to Brennenburg"

map version 1.17+

Map features:

-multiplayer support
-custom animations and models
-creepy ambience
-intense chases, simple parkour and easy puzzles



Download map Trip to Mamaru (72 mb)

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Published 6.12.2021 by LeshaGloom