Dragon Tower Defence

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Download Dragon Tower Defence for Minecraft 1.18

Welcome to Dragon Tower Defence! An action-packed survival experience that can be played solo or with friends in multiplayer

Over the course of 5 nights, hordes of enemies invade with one singular purpose: to destroy the queen egg. Only you, your friends, and your DRAGONS stand against them!

The game will be different every time you play it, as you are randomly spread to a new area (up to 1,000,000 blocks away) every time you start a new game. And, over time, updates will bring new levels featuring entirely different enemies to overcome.

So fight to earn gold. Choose the right dragons for the job. Feed them so they become more powerful. And prepare through the day, because the nights are pure mayhem!

-Map Length-

Each level takes between 30-80mins to complete, with plenty of replay value!


Recommended 1-4 players. A good map to enjoy on a Realm with friends! The difficulty adjusts depending on how many players there are (between 1-4). If you play in multiplayer, make sure everyone has the resource pack.


If you are a patron of The MobCave you unlock some awesome cosmetics! Customise your SWORD, HAT and DRAGONS and show them off to your friends!


Download map Dragon Tower Defence

minecraftmaps.com-Dragon_Tower_Defence_v1.0.zip (31 mb)

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Published 6.12.2021 by EddCase