JekNJok's Monster Defense

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Download JekNJok's Monster Defense for Minecraft 1.17.1

Monsters are once again crawling out of the giant Cursed Mine in a rural area called Midland. As the Capital's first line of defense, your squad is tasked to investigate the area, and do anything in your power to stop those monsters from ravaging nearby towns.. 

JekNJok's Monster Defense is a PvE map where you use RPG-style special abilities, Turret-like Wizard Villagers, your guts, your friends' guts, and more to survive through waves of incoming monsters from the depth of the Cursed Mine.


  • Choose between a pool of 20+ different RPG style skills to bring into battle, and discover big combos between them with your fellow Red Cross Knights!
  • Battle through 25 waves of monsters and Bosses with unique mechanics of their own! Can you defeat the Final Boss?
  • Play with your friends and work together to beat the Hard Difficulty, or try to beat it by yourselves!
  • No additional Texture Pack / Behavior Pack / Resource Packs are required. The map is pure vanilla Minecraft for version 1.17.1 and its compatible versions.
  • If you are in an online server, please enable Command Blocks.
  • Join my designated Monster Defense Discord to post bugs, get information about Monster Defense, and discuss with me -


    Download map JekNJok's Monster Defense (18 mb)

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    Published 30.08.2021 by JekNJok