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Download Magepocalypse for Minecraft 1.16

From the creator of Pixelminecraft2:

What's Special?

  • a (few) simple map with no other gamemode(to reduce lag).
  • Using mage weapons(But not melee weapon) to fight against monsters to defend the villager for 100 waves.
  • There are in total of 3 maps with different modes inside.
  • Sometimes it will have a special buff/nerf where the wave may be easier or HARDER to defend.
  • Unique bosses
  • Unique items?
  • Rules

    • #1 No cheating
    • #2 No other resource pack(s)
    • #3 Use Optifine if laggy
    • #4 set render distance to 15 or more
    • for further rules, please download the game and check it out.


      There are 2 secrets. You have to put "Eye of secret" to the End Portal Fame to achieve it.(one will unlock a new map)


      Download map Magepocalypse (184 mb)

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      Published 18.07.2021 by LPixelMC