Shock Arena

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What is Shock Arena?

Shock Arena is a singleplayer/multiplayer map where you fight 50 waves of increasingly difficult monsters, using their drops to craft better weapons and armor.

After each wave, you are allowed to enter a zone where you have access to a crafting table (with custom selected crafting recipes, even for chainmail armor!), a furnace (for smelting armor back into nuggets and ingots), a chest, an enchanting table, a brewing stand, and 2 shops, where you can sell and buy important items in exchange for coins.

Each of the 30 enemies has a custom loot table, dropping mainly coins and rarer items if you're lucky.

The map contains 26 custom advancements and challenges.

There are 3 difficulties available to choose from, Easy, Medium and Hard, each making the gameplay more challenging and more fun. There are also 3 toggleable gameplay mechanics: Double Enemies, Half Health, and Insta-Spawn, that spike the difficulty a considerable amount. Finish a game on Hard difficulty with all of these active, and you will be remembered as a god among men.

After you complete one normal game, you can enter Endless Mode, where you fight an unlimited amount of waves of increasingly difficult random enemies. Show your highscores to the world!

Other information

If you happen to find any bugs, whether in singleplayer of multiplayer, be sure to let me know on this map page. Otherwise, have fun!


Download map Shock Arena (465 kb)

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