Ultimate Spleef

for Minecarft v1.17.1 225 views

Download Ultimate Spleef for Minecraft 1.17.1

Play the revamped lovable classic! Dig the blocks under your opponents feet to make them fall into an abysmal demise! Now with 6 kits, 10 maps, custom advancements, and a trail shop!

ADD THIS TO YOUR SERVER.PROPERTIES FILE NEXT TO RESOURCE-PACK= https://www.dropbox.com/s/pivcrdgzgvrivbf/USRP.zip?dl=1

- Gymnast
- Brute
- Archer
-Crazed Fisherman

-Desert Villa
-Industrial Park
-Great Oak
-Temple Construction
-End Barrens
-Lava Caverns
-Dilapidated Downtown
-Dualing Bedrocks
-Vader's Fighter

-Render Distance: ~10 Chunks
- 2-12 Players
-Clouds: Off

-The interaction animation isn't broken, you just have haste 128
-The "must mine clock" is to prevent camping, not meant as a real threat
- Winners receive 15 coins and those who lose get 5 coins
- If you leave in the middle of a match you get nothing and automatically lose.
- Of course this okay to play on Youtube
- There's a few things to explore around the lobby if you are waiting on people
- Player's will need op to equip trails that are purchased
- If for whatever reason you need to switch game mode run this command /tag add @s dev then try switching


Credit Beta Testers: Ky13M3YeR, iDab, WorkbenchBandit, Bronik_, Windows95_Tips, TakenToaster, Buddles_



- Fixed Crazed Fisherman glitch where fishing hook caught on other players


Download map Ultimate Spleef

minecraftmaps.com-ultimate_spleef_v1.1.zip (5 mb)

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Published 26.08.2021 by TheSwagUnicorn