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Download JUST JUMP for Minecraft 1.16.5

JUST JUMP!! The map is what it says! A parkour map that you go alone or buddy up with! Either way there's plenty to explore on the island and plenty of parkour to complete!

The map includes 7 levels of 8 sections making 56 levels of fun with unique music in each section that is okay to use in videos! Just copy-paste the credits!


  • Snake
  • Water
  • Normal
  • Difficult
  • Flicker
  • Effect
  • Bounce
  • Speedrun
  • Here is the map's resource pack incase it doesn't work or you play multiplayer

    Credits (More Specific Credits in Map)

    • _TheSwagUnicorn_: Map Creator
    • iDab:Command Help & Graphic Designer
    • Mihai Sorohan: Lobby Music (Mihai Sorohan-Forward)
    • Lunacy Echo: Island Music (Dryad Arbor)
    • Vista Sounds 13: Normal, Difficult, and Speedrun Music (Vista Sounds - Glad To Be Here! , Vista Sounds - Bedroom, Vista Sounds - Inbox)
    • Beefef: Water, Bounce, Flicker, Effect, Snake Music (Foamy Dreams, Posterized, Sharp Left, Sleeping In An Empty Room, Tent)

      Final Notes

      • There are 446 entities in this map including one player, the wall run datapack uses entities, so you may experience a slight hitch when running on walls, all of the parkour should still be possible, the better computer/server you have the less of an issue this will be. Nevertheless you are always free to use creative mode.
      • I am colorblind, so excuse any poor color decisions, I did my best to look up hex codes and confer with other people, but things still slip.
      • If you aren't hearing any music when first loading in first: make sure you have the resource pack installed correctly, second: try /reload
      • Checkpoints are shared amongst people playing the map
      • Finally, make sure to comment on any bugs you find and I'll do my best to fix them!
      • Beta Testers: Bronilk, IDntLkTheOutside, WindowsTips_95, sleepingimp6200


        Download map JUST JUMP

        Just_Jump.zip (34 mb)

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        Published 4.05.2021 by TheSwagUnicorn