Wings Wars

for Minecarft v1.13.2

Download Wings Wars for Minecraft 1.13.2

You are like a plain. You have elytra, a bow and arrows.

Your goal is to shoot out all your opponents and win. There are 4 teams in a game. They compete in the random generated area of 32 floating islands.

Everyone has 3 lifes.

At the actionbar you can see your firework charge. It accumulates in dependence of you aviating speed. That is simple: the quicker you fly, the faster you get your firework.

If you have less then 5 arrows, you get 1 arrow every 4 seconds. And a very important thing: arrows go straight!

To make the game more exciting, there are various bonuses. So, while playing, you can find 2 random bonuses every 15 seconds. They appear on the top of the islands and are marked by a green vertical ray. The bonuses are coloured:

Arrows: x4, x8, x12 or x16. Just arrows.

Fireworks: x3, x4 or x5. Just fireworks.
Bow (Power I): a bow enchanted with Power I.
Bow (Flame): a bow enchanted with Flame.
Anvil: allows you to combine your bows. Standing on it you gain an experience.
TNT: can be placed on the anvil to preserve xp gaining. Can be ignited using the bow with Flame enchantment.
+1 life: adds you 1 life.
Armor: adds 1 protection to your elytra (4 max).
Feather Boots: adds 1 feather falling to your boots (5 max).
Create Island: creates a new island.

If 2 players have a small distance between, there will be a pushing explosion with no damage. But you can crash on an island.

If you are not in the game zone, you will have 7 seconds to get back, otherwise you will be killed.
When you die, you will lose your fireworks, arrows, experience, 1 life and not combined bows.
If you don't respawn within 30 seconds, you will lose.

Download map Wings Wars (2 mb)

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Published 8.06.2019 by Kragast