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Download CHUNKS SURVIVAL 1.0 for Minecraft 1.20.4


CHUNKS SURVIVAL is a handcrafted map designed to make your survival extremely difficult. You will not have the tools you need, but when you do unlock the tech it'll be glorious. Start on a floating island in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but some sand and a nasty infestation of zombies.

There are more than 13 dungeons of increasing sizes and difficulty levels. Many UNIQUE types of traps, puzzles, tricks, treats, and monsters to terrorize you.

Why? GLORIOUS LOOT! That's why.

I shall shower upon you glorious custom sights, treasures, items, gifts, and more, but only if you survive long enough to grab everything. This is not an adventure map. This is survival, and it's going to be the most difficult thing you've done in Minecraft. You will die, but you're going to love it.

Each chunk is unique and provides another bounty of new technology. You must defeat the dungeons in order to gain access to the next chunk. There are things inside the chunks, buried, too.

Every aspect of the game is touched by me and my filthy hands. Don't expect a Nether, nor villagers. You have to tough it out like you're supposed to in Minecraft. shakes old cane


  • Survive. Really, it's hard
  • Fight a dungeon, get a new chunk
  • Repeat that a few times. It's fun, I promise
  • There's so much to do and so many things to hurt... I mean show you
  • Tell your friends
  • Find and kill Necrosis, my nemesis. He hates children
  • Feed me your sponges. Please.
  • Estimated Hours of play: Lots. More than 100 days. More than 300 days. It's big.

    This world is NOT Hardcore capable. You will die many times.

    Suitable for 1 to 4 players --- For 1.20.x


    Download map CHUNKS SURVIVAL 1.0 (59 mb)

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    Published 7.01.2024 by neceros