Easy SkyBlock

for Minecarft v1.14.4

Download Easy SkyBlock for Minecraft 1.14.4

  • How to Download - First download the map, then go to the bottom left of the screen and type %appdata%, open .minecraft, then open the folder "saves", drag the map folder to your saves, Boom you have a map!
  • If you are creative but still want the feel of skyblock, or the original is to hard, ooorr you are bored, then this is the map for you. this is an easy survival map where the goal is to have fun!
  • The main island biome is the jungle so you wont have to worry about the water freezing.
  • Cheats are enable but I do not advise using them to your advantage. If you need a certain block and you have searched the entire map you can use gamemode creative to get a couple of blocks. (Try not to cheat, it makes the game less fun).
  • This took a lot of time, please play it and support my YouTube channel, Wipe My Butt. Be sure to put channel after Wipe My Butt... I'm not kidding that's my YouTube channel. Subscribe!

    If you played this map and made a video, type in the link and I will watch it BTW this is my first map.


    Download map Easy SkyBlock

    Easy_SkyBlock.zip (4 mb)

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    Published 11.08.2019 by Wipe_My_Butt