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Download Hayblock for Minecraft 1.16.1

Hayblock is a skyblock-like survival game where you start off on a small island and you grow it out.

The "gimmick" is that instead of cobblestone, you get to use a highly flammable dry plant block to build with. (Hay Bale, also that's a warning to not accidentally burn your entire island when working with fire...).

There are multiple islands to go and visit that contain a variety of useful items that will help the whole process be less boring.

There Are Challenges:

  • Craft 64 Hay Bales
  • Craft 256 Bread
  • Build A House
  • Find The Secret Chest
  • Make A Sustainable Income Of Emeralds (This one can become impossible if you mess up)
  • Beat The Ender Dragon
  • Beat The Wither
  • Go To The Nether
  • Collect x16 Of Each Fish (Cod, Salmon, Puffer, Tropical)
  • Breed Animals
  • Dye Sheep x3 (Red,Green,Blue)
  • Make A Kelp Farm
  • Make 64 Kelp Blocks
  • Expand The Animal Farm
  • Expand Farm
  • Make A 20x20 Platform
  • These Dont Have To Be Done In Order.

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    Download map Hayblock

    Hayblock.zip (11 mb)

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    Published 25.04.2021 by Kyle99