for Minecarft v1.14.2

Download SeaBlock for Minecraft 1.14.2

The eternal sea is death to those who sail it. 

You find yourself atop a small oak tree. Around you, the ocean stretches endlessly. It's almost morning and below you, watery groans surface from the deep.

All you have to survive on is a tree and one dirt block. Will you perish at sea? Or will you thrive out on the ocean, and make it your own?

What to Expect

-A challenging survival map.

-Endless ocean.
-Terrifying beasts below you at all times. 
-Limited resources.
-Boundless freedom.
-Many, many deaths.


Note: these challenges don't have to be done in order, so feel free to complete these at your own pace. 

1. Play exclusively on Hard difficulty. 

2. Plant a sapling.
3. Start an underwater mine.
4. Defeat a Drowned. 
5. Build a house. 
6. Craft and wear an iron chestplate.
7. Start a tree farm.
8. Raid a sunken pirate ship.
9. Create a food farm.
10. Create a mob farm. 
11. Craft a bed. 
12. Build an underwater statue.
13. Find diamonds.
14. Enchant an item. 
15. Visit the Nether and return alive. 
16. Create an iron golem. 
17. Build a pirate ship.
18. Build Atlantis.  
19. Retrieve the gold blocks from a Monument.


- Seablock is best played on Hard mode, but this is not a requirement. 

- The ocean in this world truly is endless. There are no islands asides from the spawn block. 
- This map supports Multiplayer.
- You can upload videos of you playing this map, as long as you link this page in the description.

I hope you enjoy! 


Download map SeaBlock (27 mb)

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Published 8.06.2019 by Tiki