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Download SkyBound for Minecraft 1.16.5

This is my first map I have ever posted public, I put a countless amount of hours into it and I hope you will enjoy it! 

You wake up on an island remembering nothing, you don't remember who you are, you don't remember how you got there, and the only thing you know is you wont be getting help anytime soon. Something about this island stands out to you. Then you realize you don't see any ocean, in fact the island is floating...

Is this some fever dream? Is this some crazy hallucination? No, you finally accept that your on a floating island. But your not going to give up that easily. There is plenty of supply to survive more than enough. There is even animals to be your companions. You notice an abandoned mine shaft, when you explore it there is a warp, a warp to help. A strange voice tells you where you are, and there may be a possibility of escaping.

Egger you listen in. The voice asks for some supply's feeling hopeless and with no other options you listen to the voice. It asked you to collect certain supply's, it wont be easy but you have nothing left to lose.


Download map SkyBound (18 mb)

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Published 24.03.2021 by EpicGamerDoge