Toilet Survival

for Minecarft v1.17.1 962 views

Download Toilet Survival for Minecraft 1.17.1

Surviving on a giant toilet may be more interesting than you think. This strange map offers a unique survival experience and 15 main quests to complete (plus other treasure hunts/mysteries hidden around the map). However, these are completely optional, and they do not activate any plugins.

Moreover, Toilet Survival is also filled up with numerous challenges, secrets, and surprises - you will find them basically everywhere.

Be careful! Dark places may serve as nests for hordes of monsters. To avoid being slain by hordes, be well prepared before exploring dark or unknown places, and try to light up dark areas as quickly as possible.

If you wouldn't like to ever lose your equipment (for example in combat, or by falling from the toilet), please use "/gamerule keepinventory true" command.

Using Optifine is highly recommended.

Have fun!


  • clouds OFF
  • /gamemode survival
  • difficulty level is player's choice (normal recommended)
  • Screenshots

    Download map Toilet Survival (13 mb)

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    Published 10.09.2021 by Scythebrine