Torn: Origins

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Download Torn: Origins for Minecraft 1.16.1

NOTE: This map requires the Torn: Origins Resource Pack to play! Download it here!

Welcome to the X.I.A. Agency, Agent A01. As the very first Agent of the X.I.A., you have a responsibility to take down the scum of the city, the evil First Sons. But is being an Agent cut out for you? The choice is—literally—yours.

As an Agent of the X.I.A. Agency, the entire city of Evan is yours for the taking. This open-world adventure map features 15 story missions, side activities, free-roam, combat, custom boss battles, puzzles, parkour, fast travel, custom Achievements, in-game Currency and Upgrade system, and much more!

After over 10 months of work, Chris6d is proud to present Torn: Origins, the prequel to the first Torn map, and his third map overall. This map is far greater than any of his previous maps, and most maps in general, featuring over 5,000 command blocks and a plethora of aforementioned features.

Torn: Origins also features dialogue choices with branching dialogue, a karma system, and Good/Evil missions which you can choose. So, do you want to play as a hero, or a villain? Again, the choice is yours, and those choices will affect the story.

All the rules, regulations and settings are listed in the map when you load it (you MUST read those), so don’t worry about that here. The only rules that should be mentioned here are that your Render Distance must be at least 20 at all times, and you MUST play with the Torn: Origins Resource Pack (download here)!

If you like this map, be sure to upvote it and I will make more maps! Also, I encourage you to make video gameplays of this map! But you MUST link this forum page in the video description! Also, check out the official Torn Wiki, for tips, tricks, hints, images, guides, and more! And be sure to follow me on Twitter for map updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel for the map trailer and official map walkthroughs, and join the Torn Discord server to discuss the map (and anything else you want)!

So, what are you waiting for? The city of Evan is yours. Go forth, X.I.A. Agent, and begin your Assignment!


Download map Torn: Origins (31 mb)

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Published 27.07.2020 by Chris6d