A Day in the Forest

for Minecarft v1.15.2

Download A Day in the Forest for Minecraft 1.15.2

Well well. So you have nothing to do? I've got something for you!

Go to the forest, without leaving your house. Relax, walk around. And of course, solve puzzles and challenges.

This is a CTM map for people who like the freedom of open world, while still wanting some entertainment.

Complete the 8 challenges laid out for you all across the map.

Good luck!


  • Stay in adventure mode
  • Render distance 8 or more
  • Don't cheat unless you are stuck in a tree or something (but come on you're smarter than that)
  • Explore! It's open world after all
  • For servers: Turn on command blocks and difficulty peaceful
  • Screenshots

    Download map A Day in the Forest

    A_Day_in_the_Forest.zip (100 mb)

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    Published 22.05.2020 by PurpleStriped