Firefly II - Whistling Cloud

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Download Firefly II - Whistling Cloud for Minecraft 1.16.5

FireFly is a series of wooden sword and leather armor through the whole map the map design for a full multiplayer-cartographer, the early part of the map difficulty won't hurt amateur player. This is a potion user map, try to manage your hot bars.

The map made extra care for the addition setting such as

  • Natural Regeneration: False
  • Hardcore Run: One life game
  • Multiplayer Support [3 recommend numbers, max at 4](but solo is fine)
  • The areas inside the map were following a theme of the frog that trying to find the truth about the sound of the sky. He travelling all over the place looking for the whistling cloud. the longer he travel the more he knows. At the end of each adventure he met with the firefly that make different sound, end up kept them in the jar beside him.

    • Difficulty: Elite - Hard (+setting would goes up to Nightmare)
    • Length: Long
    • Objectives: 16
    • Time Estimated: ~ 12 Hours
    • Version: 1.16.5
    • Map type: Linear, Checkpoint
    • You can find the Firefly I on CTM repository.

      Also more of mine map on youtube


      Download map Firefly II - Whistling Cloud (21 mb)

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      Published 6.10.2021 by Zucth