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Download Ayla for Minecraft 1.17.1


Can you work your way through unique puzzles and impossible traps?


Can you sit through ten hours of dialogue?


You are certainly allowed to record your playthrough of the map and publish it to YouTube.

(For the 2 people who play this map)

Ayla is a single player horror map, it features extreme jumpscares and horror.*

*(The real horror happens if you try to play multiplayer with this map :I )

I made this map in under two weeks with a deadline set. You will be my first batch of subjects to test my mapmaking abilities.

I have left cheats on as a sign of good faith.

Ayla's story is intense and may be disturbing to some. :) Certainly was to me.

Any actors used in or around the map were strictly trapped there for science.

Play map, maybe?


Desperation; how pathetic.


Download map Ayla

minecraftmaps.com-Ayla.zip (19 mb)

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Published 26.07.2021 by Kiervce