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Download PUMPKIN ENTRENCHMENT for Minecraft 1.17.1

Survive inside a capsule and keep the door and windows shut! Zombies will try to break through in order to reach you!

EAT pumpkins with your FEET to regain health! Sacrifice some hearts to stop the zombies! Fight a boss and explore a small isolated world. Just remember to get back before dark! Play with your friends to increase difficulty!

Your shelter keeps you safe ONLY if you maintain it! Sell pumpkins with your left hand and repair windows with your right!

Zombies gradually get harder as days go by. Pumpkins will fight you, pumpkins will save you!

Play by alone or with others! Share limited resources and health with your friends!



minecraftmaps.com-PUMPKIN_ENTRENCHMENT.zip (13 mb)

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