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▶Important Information◀

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Map name: Krampus

Map author: NateT_Bird (
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▶Map Description◀

This map is part of the Map Advent Calendar. A special holiday event comprising 24 maps, one everyday until Christmas.

Krampus is part of German tradition. In Germany if you are a bad child a devil named Krampus will come and torture you. But if you are a good child Saint Nicholas will come and give you a treat. This map is based on the story of Krampus. I sure hope you were a good child.

Explore your home while Krampus haunts you. The game ends after you have been haunted enough.

Best played with: 1 player

Average play time: 10-15 minutes

▶Server Settings◀

If playing on a server, delete the “” from the world save file and set the following in the



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Download map Krampus

Krampus v1.0 for MC (10 mb)

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