El Boost

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Download El Boost for Minecraft 1.8.9

Map Info:

Welcome to El Boost! On this map you must use TNT as a boost to accomplish massive jumps. You do this by jumping right as the TNT explodes. This map has 12 levels each with different jumps and different amounts of TNT! Your goal is to complete the map with the lowest amount of Fails possible. If you are of a more competitive spirit, my record of Fails is 23!

Good luck and have fun mastering this useful skill.

Additional Info:

  • This map is not MULTIPLAYER compatible. 
  • If playing on a server you MUST ENABLE command blocks.
  • All jumps are POSSIBLE and have been tested by myself and friends.
  • If you are recording for YouTube PLEASE credit me in the video/description. A simple link to this page will do. :)

    Download map El Boost

    El Boost.zip (923 kb)

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    Published 25.01.2016 by Kris Madas