[Liontack's] One Block at a Time

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Download [Liontack's] One Block at a Time for Minecraft 1.16.3

This map is all about parkour and timing. It will challenge you in a new way.

It contains 24 small rooms preceding a huge room. The smaller rooms are not ordered on difficulty and are not too difficult. The huge room is quite overwhelming and very difficult.

In my final test run, it took me about half an hour to complete the 24 small rooms and an additional hour to complete the huge room. (My parkour skills are slightly below average, but I am also very familiar with all the jumps.)

From room 21 onwards, the rooms will seem to miss blocks, this is a loading issue (unloaded chunks). Please select every block you have for a second and all the blocks in the room are loaded and present once again!

I spent a lot of time on this map, and actually over-engineered a bit in this map. Especially the theme chooser, so you can play in your favourite of 6 themes! This map does have lag issues in the huge room only, but lag issues nonetheless. It takes too many resources to play it smoothly, so the game will be slow to respond to your input. I only found this out at the end of creating this map. Don't feel pressured to finish the last room! I decided to share this map despite having issues in the last room, because I spent a lot of time on it, enjoyed working on it and I want to share this concept with you all.

And as always, I ask you to post your thoughts, problems and play-throughs in the comments. I love to hear the players' voices!


Download map [Liontack's] One Block at a Time

One_Block_at_a_Time.zip (7 mb)

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Published 14.10.2020 by Liontack