Parkour Limbo Reloaded 1.0

for Minecarft v1.20.4 99 views

Download Parkour Limbo Reloaded 1.0 for Minecraft 1.20.4

By LimboMaps

Our original map "Parkour Limbo" has taken us about 7 months. Now we proudly present: Parkour Limbo Reloaded. A fast-paced, casual- and speedrun-friendly version of our map "Parkour Limbo".


Parkour Limbo Reloaded is a giant parkour map. It features:

- 100 unique stylized levels
- 20 different themes
- Unique mechanics including a working metro and physics based levels
- Multiplayer
- Automatic checkpoints
- Timer
- Ranking system
- Hidden power-ups
- Light adventure map elements
- Cutscenes
- A ton of easter eggs including a full museum of the map
- Visuals for shader optimized

- Upcoming: A regularly updated hall of fame on the map for the 10 players that clear the parkour the fastest. Submit your run in our own Discord-Channel ( You'll find the rules for a valid run in the starting book right at the spawn.


- Gamemode to play is "Adventure Mode".
- The /kill command is allowed to use in case you got yourself stuck somehow
- Checkpoints are set automatically, do not set your own.
- The map is playable with any render distance. However: The map starts with a cutscene that showcases the entire map, so for solely this opening cutscene we strongly recommend to not go below render distance 9 as this can cause bugs.

We got a book right in the starting zone. It's worth taking a look in there before you start. It contains all the important informations as well as rules.


If you got any suggestions or want to report any occuring bug please reach out to us via our contact email ([email protected]) or join our discord channel:

This place is also meant to be for community interaction and talking about our future projects. We hope so see you soon ;)

We are really looking forward to see your reactions and we hope you'll enjoy your stay in PARKOUR LIMBO RELOADED


Download map Parkour Limbo Reloaded 1.0 (39 mb)

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Published 23.01.2024 by LimboMaps