Parkour Minigames

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Download Parkour Minigames for Minecraft 1.16.5

This map will seriously help you improve your gameplay in minecraft. You will feel an advantage while playing servers and develop better movements. The minigames this map consists are listed below:

  • Block Clutch 
  • Bridging Practice 
  • Parkour 
  • Dropper
  • Spleef
  • TNT Run
  • Block Clutch and bridging practice are games which will improve your skills as well as develop a good aim for competitive servers. Parkour will improve your movement precision and hold a better control. Dropper is generally for fun but it tests your patience level and concentration. Spleef and TNT Run are made for multiplayer.

    (Note- The other 4 are not made for multiplayer so you might have issues if you try to play with your friends)

    If you would like to support this map, Please download the map with this linkDownload. It will just take 5 seconds, but it will motivate me a lot.


    • Access to custom Ingame commands to teleport throughout the map.
    • Custom music system (not minecraft default musics).
    • Checkpoints in required minigames.
    • Custom resource pack with custom loading screen. (Note- Optifine required) Download the resource pack separately if it doesn't work
    • RULES

      • You cannot change your gamemode into creative mode unless you have the permission. If you break the map then please ask for the permission on my Discord server or redownload the map.
      • CREDITS

        Some of the structures that are inside the map are not mine and are taken from the creators of planet minecraft community.

        If you have made a video on this map, please put #venom8parkourminigames in your video description so that I can view it :)



        Download map Parkour Minigames
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        Published 2.06.2021 by Venom8