Situation Jump

for Minecarft v1.12

Download Situation Jump for Minecraft 1.12

This map have 11 level (5 easy level, 5 normal level and one is the hard)

  • 5 easy level: This level is easy to finish with there situation jump and you will open 1 prestige: speed
  • 5 normal level: This will be harder, it will take you a lot of time to complete! You will open the next prestige: jump boost
  • Hardest level: This maybe the hardest parkour level ever, its contain 5 hardest jumps in minecraft, let combine all your prestige and situation jump to beat it!!
  • *Sorry for my bad grammar, my main language is not English!

    Have fun!!!


    Download map Situation Jump (473 kb)

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    Published 18.05.2019 by Adjack123