The Jumper 3

for Minecarft v1.15.1

Download The Jumper 3 for Minecraft 1.15.1

This is it. One last time. Welcome to the final of our Jumper-Trilogy with “The Jumper 3”.

Designed, built and tested for Minecraft Java Version 1.15.1 – by 1Dominochamp1 and MinePlayer33x


This map was entirely built WITHOUT tools like “MCEdit”. Just with simple creative mode, all you can see was build block for block. (time consumed about 105 hours)

We worked hard on this map for giving you a smooth adventure map experience with our returning “HEAVEN-CHECKPOINT”-System. Completely fully automatic checkpoint system - visit every challenge you have already mastered through “HEAVEN”. Experience new unique challenges like “Pathfinder” and the returning all-time classics like “Race against the clock” and “Bow target shooting” from our previous “The Jumper” parts. 

We tried to make the map fun to play, so we removed during beta tests many “pixel-perfect” jumps to more achievable and not so frustrating jumps.

If you still cannot beat a certain part, then use /gamemode creative. Don’t forget to change back to /gamemode adventure.


Complete all 30 challenges and find all 15 hidden diamonds.

Estimated time to finish this Adventure Map: 1-4 hours (depends on your jumping skills)


All game rules are set automatically at the time you join the map.


Please set chunk render distance to 8.

Multiplayer Warning

Pressure plates are used for the fully automatic checkpoint system, so make sure you step alone on these.

Thank you for downloading and playing! We hope you have fun and appreciate our work!


Download map The Jumper 3 (13 mb)

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Published 4.01.2020 by 1Dominochamp1, MinePlayer33x