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Download BUILD TO THE OTHER SIDE for Minecraft 1.17.1

All you have to do is build to the other side, but this map is not as easy as it looks…

Can you figure out how to bridge with only two blocks? What about the secret of bridging with gravel? ?

  • This map has 18 fully possible levels that will test your critical thinking skills and knowledge of the mechanics.
  • It is all about starting with seemingly few resources and conjuring up more blocks to cover the distance.
  • There are some levels where clutching may be necessary since you won't have enough blocks.
  • If you're fast, you can complete the map in ~4 hours.
  • This map is multiplayer compatible.
  • There are considerations in place to prevent cheating, but try not to. (If you duped items to pass, did you really solve the puzzle?)
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    Download map BUILD TO THE OTHER SIDE (47 mb)

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    Published 19.11.2021 by Strikewind