Escape the Mad Scientist

for Minecarft v1.3.2 2,861 views

Download Escape the Mad Scientist for Minecraft 1.3.2

Map Info:

Escape the mad scientist is a medium challenging puzzle map that will test your intellect, problem-solving skills, and Minecraft know-how! The map contains over 20 rooms. Each room is its own puzzle expect the last one. Do you have what it takes to Escape?


1. Play on Peaceful.

2. No mods or other such nonsense!

3. Follow the instructions on signs. The rules change a little for different puzzles.

4. Always think "outside the box" - your creativity is your best friend in puzzle maps!

5. Only place buttons on obsidian.

6. Only place levers on lime wool.

7. Have fun and enjoy the puzzles!

Download map Escape the Mad Scientist

Escape The Mad Scientist (503 kb)

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Published 22.09.2012 by ppotti & zython2272