Color Switch

for Minecarft v1.15.2

Download Color Switch for Minecraft 1.15.2

Welcome to Color Switch! Made by LookMomNoFeet

Creator's Note: On 4/27/2020, I saw that Sparkgames' "Never A Challenge To Hard" was uploaded to this site. It is eerily similar in concept to this game. This map was based off of a game I made back in 7th grade, and there's no way that SparkGames new about the map I was making and I had no idea about his. Although similar, this map features different mechanics then his. Please play and regard this map for what it is, not compared to his. Thank you!

This is a SINGLE PLAYER ONLY map! It WILL NOT work with 2+ People.

--Map Info--

  • In this map, there are 18 levels for you to beat. Each level gradually introduced you to new concepts so that you shouldn't be thrown into a harder level right away.
  • This map comes with a resource pack in the ZIP file. It does not automatically load with the map
  • Based off a game that 7th Grade me made
  • This map should take about 20-60 minutes, based off of your puzzle map experience
  • --How To Play--

    • Use WASD to move the Red and Blue characters.
    • Press space to switch between characters
    • Right click the "R" button in your inventory to reset the map (Its in slot 1)
    • Press space over a switch to activate it
    • Switches will change how the level looks- Bridges will to rotated, color-specific paths will change, etc
    • the Red character cannot travel on light blue paths, and the Blue character cannot travel on light red paths
    • Get each character to his respective end block to beat the level
    • There are several mystery blocks that will be introduced to you as the levels progress
    • A tutorial can be found on my YouTube Channel
    • --Map Settings--

      This map uses these settings so that your game will run as smooth as possible

      • 8 Chunk Render Distance (Until you beat the map, then you can change it)
      • Biome Blend: Fast
      • Resource Pack ON
      • Graphics: Fast
      • Particles: Encouraged (Not needed but will help gameplay)
      • View Bobbing: Off
      • Smooth Lighting: Off
      • Ambient Sound: 20%
      • Clouds: Off
      • Difficulty: Peaceful
      • --Other--

        Find any bugs? Record yourself playing the map? Send it to me!

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        Download map Color Switch
 (4 mb)

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        Published 13.05.2020 by LookMomNoFeet