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Download Data for Minecraft 1.16.5

Data by Craca ...a singleplayer minecraft puzzle map created largely while streaming on twitch!

  • 1.16.5
  • minRenderDistance=10 (lower render distance should work as well but I can't guarantee for everything to work properly)
  • difficulty: hard (yes!!)
  • 20 levels and 25 secrets
  • story incl. secret ending
  • approx. playtime (without/with all) secrets: (~8h/+~5h)
  • Please note though, that playtime does greatly differ among testers for various reasons, so an accurate prediction is improbable.
  • Make sure to:

    • Play on 1.16.5!
    • Use the Comfy Barrel!
    • Not get stuck
    • Not get frustrated
    • Not cheat
    • Not kill yourself
    • ...Actually, you will very likely have to kill yourself :)
    • ...Now that I think about it, you may also get frustrated but we don't talk about that
    • This map features ingame music, so if you want to listen to the beats: Go to audio settings and turn down music to 0%. The music will be played over the weather slider, so adjust this to your own preference.

      This map was playtested pretty thoroughly; every level is beatable and every secret is obtainable. Though, that doesn't mean that it's 100% bugfree, so if you find what seems like a bug, maybe try to not use it.

      In the secret lobby there are hints for every non-puzzle secret, if you happen to just not find one (which is very understandable)

      There is also a playthrough of the whole map with timestamps, including all secrets, on yt/CracaCG, if you get hardstuck on one of the puzzles (which is also understandable)

      But I know you're not gonna need them, because you're gonna ace this map! Good luck and have fun!

      Recommended: Play the map on the same graphic settings as I did, so that you see what I saw when I built this map. Especially Optifine is quite important!

      • Optifine for 1.16.5 with connected textures on fancy (Found in Options-> Video Settings -> Quality)
      • Sildurs Vibrant Shader Extreme-VL
      • No texture pack is required to play this map and I do recommend a vanilla playing experience.

        Now finally press the buttons and get into it! :D


        Download map Data
 (51 mb)

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        Published 22.03.2021 by CracaCG