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Download Expand 2 for Minecraft 1.16.4

Expand the world border to open up new puzzles, by solving puzzles. Solve all the puzzles, and you will be able to escape the hole you find yourself trapped in. Using the new features and blocks from the Nether update, can you find your way out of this fiery puzzle?

Please read the "PLEASE_READ.txt" file in the downloaded .zip folder.


Download map Expand 2

Expand_2.zip (879 kb)

Maps by Mr_Moose:

Troll your friends, with these new troll items!

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Escape the room. Simple right?

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Parkour through stages by jumping on blocks that give differ

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You have escaped the room twice before. Can you do it for th

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The factory is closed for Christmas, but you are locked in..

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Published 3.05.2021 by Mr_Moose