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Download Greyscale for Minecraft 0.21w14a

Welcome, students, to the simulation! Feel free to take it in briefly, but then it’s time for your first lesson! Inside this fully virtual interface, you’ll be asked to solve puzzles using our patented chromatic technology, swapping between a world bright with color, and a darker, sadder one of only black and grey.


Greyscale contains thirteen levels of increasing complexity, but don’t worry, you’re not alone! You’ll be joined by our virtual assistant, the Simulated Intelligence Multiple-Personality System (or S.I.M.P.S. for short). SIMPS’ job is to help you along the way with guidance and encouragement, but also to monitor your progress. In order to create an unbiased learning environment, its voice will change for every lesson!

You’ll need to be playing on Version 21w14a, and please remember that this is NOT a group project, so you’ll be going into this one solo.



  • Henzoid
  • CrazyCowMM
  • Voice Actors

    • YourPalRoss
    • Oogapooki
    • Yahsass
    • FizzySoda
    • PastelsDarling
    • RaynPrism
    • JustTai
    • Joshmanikus
    • BlueVacktor
    • Quimbly3
    • X33N
    • SaysMason
    • Playtesters

      • AZ19AGENT
      • Finnshark
      • Songs Used

        • Frothy Lava by Henzoid
        • Changelog


          - Fixed wall-jumping, making it more consistent


          Download map Greyscale

 (49 mb)

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          Published 20.09.2021 by Henzoid, CrazyCowMM