Miscommunications 2

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Download Miscommunications 2 for Minecraft 1.17.1

Oh you thought the FIRST map was bad...

Welcome back to The Department of Miscommunications!

We've been very busy preparing for more communicative testing, especially considering how hard it is to communicate about communicating about lack of communication, but still, the show must go on, right? We've returned, exactly one year later, with three returning and four brand new puzzles for a total of seven horrifying tasks to accomplish as a group. Do you have what it takes not to mentally break? Find out with three of your friends in Miscommunications 2!

- 7 puzzles and 7 transitional activities
- 3+ hours of arguing, screaming, and probably starting to hate each other... just a little bit more
- 4 players exactly, no more, no less
- Version 1.17.1, Optifine optional, but no Shaders.
- Includes a custom resourcepack (see below)
- Puzzle rules are for the most part moderated by the players, so it's up to you to follow the rules and complete the puzzles the way they're intended.
- The map is made to be played by four people in a voice call, not using chat. The use of chat is prohibited in the map.

This map includes a map-specific resourcepack. It has a full color version and a colorblind version, both of which are included in the map download link.

"I have no idea what I'm doing." - AZ19AGENT, playtester

"I love this map so much it's the best map ever I love it woooo." - Finshark, playtester

"Hey wait I didn't say that, stop writing my name in the reviews section!" - Finshark, playtester

"You won't be very sad and broken after playing this map." - Not Henzoid


Download map Miscommunications 2

minecraftmaps.com-Miscommunications_2.zip (29 mb)

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Published 25.10.2021 by Henzoid