Questioning 1.0

for Minecarft v1.20.1 129 views

Download Questioning 1.0 for Minecraft 1.20.1

What is Questioning?

Questioning is a two-player puzzle map / escape room with a variety of unique puzzles and challenges that test many aspects of Minecraft! Work together to test your teamwork and communication skills to escape the prison and to discover all the secrets it has to offer.

Map Requirements:

  • Only for Minecraft Version 1.20.1 - Older or newer versions will break the map
  • Two players only - The map cannot be completed with one player and should not be completed with more than two players
  • Ensure command blocks are enabled on your server!
  • Estimated Playtime: 2-3 hours
  • Map Trailer:

    Map Info:

    This is an "escape room" style map where you will not be given any direction on where to go. It is up to you and your teammate to explore the areas around you and to complete the tasks at hand. However, you will know when you have made significant progress when you unlock brand new areas to explore! All puzzles and challenges can be solved with intuitive solutions, meaning that no knowledge outside of Minecraft is required.

    Additionally, there are 8 bonus secret flowers hidden around the map. All flowers are hidden inside of containers. (chests, barrels, etc) Can you find them all?

    Map Credits:

    • Project Lead & Game Design - Infernally
    • Puzzle Design - Rackals, India26
    • Commands & Datapack - Bansed, Boywonder470
    • Building & Decoration - Luvii, AlesandroDeMoor, Lucifer616, qCookie
    • Map Testers: Defone & Jqsie, kajodenn & schulo, Neocynical & Onion_Knight, Reutilize & Disokk, Momentus & hockeylegend, Oberwirschtl & steffi2003, Tullame & seagulls, F63 & Orthworm, Jhay & nukie

      Need Assistance?

      To report a bug or contact us, the best place would be through Discord: and use the channel #questioning.



      Download map Questioning 1.0 (12 mb)

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      Published 19.05.2024 by Infernally