The Box Factory

for Minecarft v1.16.3 231 views

Download The Box Factory for Minecraft 1.16.3

In this map you control an armor stand from above.

You can only move in 2D. Your job is to put a box on every pressure plate of the room.

To do that you can push box by going behind them and Right Clicking.

You can rotate by moving your mouse horizontally.


  • Normal Box: Must be pushed
  • Light Box: Can be picked up
  • Colored Box: Must be placed on a pressure plates of the same color.
  • Redstone Box: Power redstone.
  • Shifter: Pushes box that arrive on it.
  • Ice: Box slide on it
  • Teleporter: Teleport box.
  • Screenshots

    Download map The Box Factory (8 mb)

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    Published 30.09.2020 by TheblueMan003