Sunny Goo Bloom 1.0

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Download Sunny Goo Bloom 1.0 for Minecraft 1.20.4

Sunny Goo Bloom - Advenure Map Minecraft Map


"Sunny Goo Bloom" is an adventure map inspired by "Super Mario Sunshine" with a focus set on Exploration & PvE. In this singleplayer & multiplayer map, you will explore the tropical Isle Granchio and help defeat all the goop monster which plague the island. The map is roughly 2 h long and features voice acting, custom music, mechanics, models, textures, sounds and more. The map is made for Minecraft version 1.20.6 (1.20.4 and lower will not work!). The current version is v1.


Extract the .zip-archive with a program like 7-zip or WinRAR. Then, add the world file into your saves folder, just like with every other map. The resource pack will install add itself automatically, once you open the world. That's it!


Everybody needs operator rights in order to click on some dialogue options in the chat and run the /function command. The map supports up to 8 players, but will work with an indefinite amount, although this will cause visual glitches with water levels and health bars. The resource pack need for every player is inside the world file and called "". Again, it is important to give it to every player.
Sunny Goo Bloom - Advenure Map Minecraft Map

Add-on/DLC support

The map supports custom Add-ons. I have made some example ones, to show my community how to develop these. You can find a list of all Add-Ons on my Planet Minecraft page ( Just download them and follow the installation instructions, which are usually just putting the datapack into the datapacks folder of the world and running /reload

Optifine and Sodium Support

The map supports Sodium, as well as Optifine for a few additional visual features (Sodium may say that the resource pack is incompatible, but it will work fine.). If you want to use shaders, I recommend Sildur's Vibrant Shaders Extreme, but make sure to turn the fog off in the shader options (This is also the shader used for all the screenshots.)

A small book about the maps development

Inside the downloaded ZIP-folder, you can find a PDF-document called: Making of - Sunny Goo Bloom.This small book contains a bit of background information about the map.Things like where I got ideas from and scrapped content. If you enjoy such things, just have a look. None of the information in there is essential to understand the map. I just enjoy making such things :D

Bug Report

If you find anything that looks like it's not working as it should, please leave a comment here or on my PLanet Minecraft page and I will look into it.

Known Issue:
The rocket thruster can sometimes fail or launch a player very high, if the server tick rate is too fast or too slow (aka server lag is present.). Despite my best effort, this issue can sometime occur.

Sunny Goo Bloom - Advenure Map Minecraft Map

This map and all its contents are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.
Licensing exception: Modification of voice containing files (e.g.: supervisor1.ogg) is prohibited.


Download map Sunny Goo Bloom 1.0 (151 mb)

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Published 19.05.2024 by Ercerus