Kahlzara's KitPvP

for Minecarft v1.16.5 1,451 views

Download Kahlzara's KitPvP for Minecraft 1.16.5

Pick a loadout / kit then fight in the arena you chose. There are many ways to destroy your friends: fire, explosions, bow 'n arrows, and the good reliable smack.

This map was made to be a good experience to people who consider themselves bad at pvp and just for simple brawling. The map is entirely vanilla – just download and boot-up the world and get your friends to join.

Map Features

  • Main lobby & Legendary lobby
  • Custom abilities
  • A few secrets
  • 24 kits

    • 5 Melee Kits
    • 5 Mob Kits
    • 5 Range Kits
    • 5 Unlockable Kits
    • 4 Legendary Kits
    • ·2 Arenas

      • Village - 3 Spawn points
      • Abandon Mine - 2 Spawn points


        • 1. Do not spam-click the signs, the system will break.
        • 2. Don't use any hacks.
        • 3. Do not abuse any bugs.
        • 4. Don't log out in combat.
        • 5. Do not spawn-camp.

          • Command Blocks: ON
          • Allow Cheats: ON
          • Minecraft version: 1.16.5
          • Player count: 2+
          • CREDITS

            Main credits:

            • Map creator: Kahlzara
            • Playtesting: SeanAA, OpalDel, NickTheDroid, FestiveMedico, Giantjak24
            • Screenshots

              Download map Kahlzara's KitPvP

              Kahlzaras_Kit_Pvp.zip (29 mb)

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              Published 5.03.2021 by Kahlzara