Dawn of Darkness

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Download Dawn of Darkness for Minecraft 1.16.5


A evil has ravaged the lands through bloodshed, war, and fear for hundreds of years. Civilizations have crumbled, innocent people have suffered, and the people are looking for a savior.

Begin your journey:

You awaken with nothing and you are only accompanied by a voice speaking to you. Learn what your true purpose is, save what is almost lost and remember you have no time to waste and to follow the lights.

The Map

The large world is based on the classic Adventure Map format: Immerse yourself in the story, kill many enemies and bosses, travel the world, and most importantly find loot.


  • Two endings
    • + Two choices
    • Training section(s)
    • Nine map regions / sections
    • 5 Boss Fights
      • + 3 Mini / Secret Bosses
      • Lots of hidden treasure
      • Multiplayer: No player limit, other than loot constraint(s)
      • Unique enemies
      • Parkour
      • Difficulty selection
      • Credits

        Map Creator:


        To these people, who have tested the map.

        • SeanAA
        • FestiveMedico
        • Giantjak24
        • NickTheDroid
        • OpalDel
        • Darkenedrose17
        • MRBlack9869


          • Commands blocks: ON
          • Loud volume
          • Required:

            • Minecraft 1.16.4 OR Minecraft 1.16.5
            • Recommended:

              • Render Distance: 12 – 24 chunks to save fps
              • Optifine for 1.16.4/1.16.5
              • Clouds: Off
              • 8GB or higher allocated to Minecraft
              • Screenshots

                Download map Dawn of Darkness

                Dawn_Of_Darkness_Remastered.zip (227 mb)

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                Published 5.03.2021 by Kahlzara