Survivors vs Undead

for Minecarft v1.17.1 1,034 views

Download Survivors vs Undead for Minecraft 1.17.1

Night is coming. Hide, run, survive…its all you can do before the undead find and kill you.

This map, inspired by Hypixel’s “Vampirez” was made to be a good and suspenseful experience. The map is entirely vanilla – just download and boot-up the world and get your friends to join.



  • Kill count rewards
  • 5 Players = 2 Undead at start; 10 Players = 3 Undead at start
  • Custom items
  • Undead can spawn mobs
  • Survivors have a flaming sword ability
  • Map

    • Many houses - Tons of hiding spots
    • Abandon Mine
    • Caves
    • Main Lobby & Undead Spawn
    • Plentiful hiding spots

      • 1. Do not spam-click the signs, the system will break.
      • 2. Don't use any hacks.
      • 3. Do not abuse any bugs.
      • 4. Don't log out in combat.

        • Command Blocks: ON
        • Allow Cheats: ON
        • Minecraft version: 1.17.1
        • Player count: 2+
        • CREDITS

          Main Credits:

          • Map creator: Kahlzara & Dani4355
          • Playtesting: S404S, NickTheDroid, FestiveMedico, Giantjak24

          • Download map Survivors vs Undead

   (30 mb)

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            Published 13.10.2021 by Kahlzara