Hauntpuzzled House

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Download Hauntpuzzled House for Minecraft 1.12.2

Once, the scientist Ariot received a strange invitation to come to an abandoned house, which was far beyond the city limits. Why should someone invite to here? Interested, Ariot arrived there by the truck.

You in his role will go through this house, visiting corridors, hidden rooms and halls with puzzles, will come across ghosts to understand the purpose of your visit.

To penetrate some places, you firstly will use the axe to break the cracked planks, but gradually you will find more tools for destroying other obstacles.

Collectable Items

  • You will need to collect 4 stacks of item frames to open bonus level at the end!
  • You need to kill the three hidden mobs to get more entertainment!
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    Published 7.10.2017 by Fasading